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There’s never been a better time to rekindle your passion for collecting and listening to records. With the introduction of the CP-1050, Onkyo offers a turnkey solution for audiophile-level analog sound with less hassle and expense. It features a smooth and stable direct drive (there’s no belts to replace and less high-frequency noise) controlled by a quartz-lock system to ensure the aluminum platter rotates with utmost precision. The aluminum tonearm ships with a quality MM cartridge, and thanks to an innovative counterweight system and detachable headshell, can also accept most popular aftermarket cartridges. Together with solid MDF deck construction, these elements combine to deliver exceedingly beautiful sound that’s both clear and detailed while celebrating the lushness, depth, and warmth so beloved of the analog format. As you would expect from a company that created its first crystal turntable pickup for the CP-1000 back in 1946, every aspect of the design has been painstakingly engineered to deliver audio performance well beyond its suggested price. Built to Deliver Affordable Audiophile-Grade Sound Stable Direct-Drive System for Minimal Low-Frequency Cogging Noise Customized Brushless DC Motor Quartz-Lock Control System for High-Precision Rotation Solid Anti-Vibration MDF Cabinet Construction with Black Woodgrain Finish Die-cast 305 mm Aluminum Platter for Effortlessly Smooth and Stable Rotation Wow and Flutter Less than 0.15% Signal-to-Noise Ratio Over 60 dB Aluminum Static-Balance S-shaped Tonearm Moving-Magnet (MM) Cartridge Included Detachable Headshell Compatible with Aftermarket Cartridges Tonearm Counterweight Supports Range of Cartridge Weights Gold-Plated RCA Phono Output Terminals with Dedicated Grounding Post (Cable Included) Easy Button-Selectable 33 1/3 and 45 rpm Speeds Quickly Spins to Playback Speed Stability Includes Detachable Acrylic Dust Cover Resonance-Damping Rubber Slipmat Included Large Height-Adjustable Anti-Vibration Feet CONNECTION FEATURES RCA Phono Outputs Grounding Post AC Inlet Note: Phono equalizer not included. Innovative Dire MS

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Ulteriori informazioni

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