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Pure and Refined Lines for an
Accurate, Harmonious and Pure Sound

The Iguascu Evo can perfectly reproduce the entire frequency range without the help of a subwoofer.
Exceptional hi-fi speakers, they can be teamed with our Hurricane satellites to create 5.1 and 7.1 home cinema packages – giving formidable performances with unequalled elegance and discretion.


Recommended Amplifier:
Peak Power:
Impedance (Average/Min):
Frequency Response:
Tweeter (Neodymium):
Driver Unit Bass/Midrange:
Ultra Low Frequency Driver (Passive):
Dimensions L x D x H:
3 Ways, 3 Drivers
40-150 Watts
300 Watts
8 / 4 Ohms
48Hz – 28kHz
0.8" Silk Dome (20mm)
1 x 6" (150mm)

8" (210mm)
10" x 10" x 34" 
31 Lbs. (14 kg)

Peso 30,0000 kg